The Hector Belt - Black & Brown - Brass & Nickle

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This is a full grain leather belt made from a single strip of bridle leather. It features a solid buckle made of brass or nickel-plated brass. We're proud that this belt is made for professionals and those who want quality products.


- Made completely by a single craftsman in America that was paid a living wage.
- Made with Chahlin Bridle Leather
- Single piece of leather.
- Able to be made for any person of any size.

Product Story

Available is a full grain leather belt. This belt is named after Hector of Greek and Roman Mythology? Why might you ask? Because this belt is one of the toughest, strongest out there. It features black bridle leather which is soft and smooth to the touch. It is created using a single strip of leather, a buckle, and rivets. This allows us to create a belt that withstands daily abuse. It is a wonderful casual belt, or a great dress belt.

We decided to produce this build using American Leather and we're proud that we produced it in America. We guarantee that this belt will outshine the competition. It is durable and should last just about, forever. Most belt manufacturers can't say that because they produce junky genuine leather belts rather than the more expensive full grain leather belts.

It features a wonderful and strong brass belt buckle or nickel plated brass belt buckle. Stop buying cheap genuine leather belts that aren't going to last and fall apart quickly. Purchase a meaningful, full grain leather belt that just won't give up.


Thickness: Approximate 1/8" Thick

Width: 1-1/4"

Length: Depends on size of belt ordered.


We're happy to offer help sizing the belt if you're having trouble doing so. If you're local we can measure you easily.

METHOD 1: - Most Accurate

Measure your waist where your belt would sit. This is your trust waist measurement. We make belts from your true waist size.

METHOD 2: - Very Accurate

METHOD 3: - Not Very Accurate, but works.

If you don't have a belt and don't have a measuring tape then this last option works, most of the time. You can take your pants size (a well fitting pair), and add 3"-6" to it. We recommend adding 4" to it.

For instance. If you wear a size 40 pants, you'd order a size 44 belts. Manufactures of pants (and even other belts) don't ever make pants the same size as another pants. Everyone has their own way of doing it. Because of this, we sell belts that are true waist sizes.

This means if your waist is a 44" measure, you get a 44" belt it. You may wear a size 40x30 pants in Brand A, and a 39x29 in Brand B, but it doesn't change your real waist size.

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