Buy It For Life Warranty/Guarantee 

We’re extremely proud to offer a buy it for life warranty that protects against manufacturer (us) defects and craftsmanship. Why do we offer such a ridiculous warranty on our products? Because, we know, we’ll never need to cash out on it. See, if you use good materials, full grain leathers, high quality threads, and take the time to actually make sure things are right. You get a product that will last more than a lifetime. We’re banking on the fact that we have the right formula when we make our products. 

So what if one slips through the cracks though? 

Then you’re covered. For life. 

You might be thinking “Well what is covered, what do you mean?”. If a stitch breaks, if the leather tears, a rivet pops, or anything else that shouldn’t happen, does happen. We’ll do the following if a) fix the item at no cost to you (if we can), b) make you a new item at no cost to you (if we still sell/its available), or c) give you credit for a new product (last resort, if option a and b are no longer viable). 

Please keep proof of purchase so we can verify your purchase if for some reason you do need to use this warranty.  

Trevor Wing & Claudia Swan
Owner/Makers of Amopelle Co.