Amopelle Co. is a small two person owned and operated leather business 

that is located in the center of Maple Shade, New Jersey. 


In early 2019, Trevor Wing had took up leathercraft as a hobby in hopes 

to create things for himself and family that last a lifetime. 

Leathercraft began to become an escape for hours on end from the 

emergency medical field. Shortly after beginning as a hobby, Trevor 

managed to sell multiple small wallets and projects he had made to his 

friends and family. 


After gaining traction by selling locally, Trevor and Claudia decided to 

officially open a workshop where they could make leather products and 

sell them. 


The name Amopelle Co., is a play on the phrase "Amo la pelle" which is 

Italian for "I love leather". 


Initially Amopelle Co., bought exclusively Italian leather from Italy, 

but has since changed to almost entirely purchasing superior American 

Leather which helps support American tanneries and business.