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Black Leather Card Holder

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For sale is a black leather card holder that is made from full grain American Leather. You won't be disappointed, because its durable and will last for years. 


This black leather card holder is produced using full-grain American vegetable-tanned leather.  It was created by hand-dying natural leather, cutting it, sewing it using the traditional saddle stitch method. To make our wallet waterproof, we seal it and wax it with our own home (shop) brewed formula. This produces a soft and supple leather wallet that will last for years. 

Our wallets have 5 pockets, two outer card pockets on each side and one main inner pocket. This wallet is perfect for the minimalist lifestyle of those who want a durable, strong and affordable black leather card holder. Gone are the days of purchasing a new wallet every year because your old one wears out. You're not going to have to do that with ours.  

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