Weekday Watch Strap - Russet

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This watch strap is made of the finest materials available. The watch features a full grain on both the inner and outer of the watch band. The outer brand is a full grain harness leather from Wickett & Craig in Pennsylvania. The inner is lined with a soft and full grain kangaroo leather in natural. This means that both the inner and outer watch band will age beautifully as time progresses.


- Made completely by a single craftsman in America that was paid a living wage.
- Made with full harness leather from Wickett & Craig.
- Lined with soft, natural kangaroo leather.
- Hand stitched with Vinymo MBT Thread.
- Unique grain marks from Harness Leather.
- Grain on both sides of the watch band. ( Both sides of the band will age together )

* The watch head not included, only the leather watch band is included. *

Product Story

This watch strap is made with person who doesn't just carry a watch for fashion, they carry a watch because they need one.  Thats a crazy thought right? Watches aren't just for fashion. Well, this watch band kills two birds with one stone. It is insanely fashionable, and likely goes with anything.

The best part of getting a watch band with grain on both sides  (lining) that both sides of the watch band will age together to create this amazing product.

Wickett and Craig's leather on the exterior will age darker. The inner kangaroo liner will likely become more of a golden color as time goes on.


20/18. 115/75


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