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The Lumberjack's Buffalo Leather Belt

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The lumberjack's buffalo leather belt is made for the person who is a lumberjack at heart. You're the go-getter of America and you're able to easy take down any challenge at a moment's notice. Long days, and daunting work is no match for you. Just like you look for reliability in your tools and equipment, these belts won't let you down.


- Made completely by a single craftsman in America that was paid a living wage.
- Made with buffalo leather.
- Single piece of leather. 
- Able to be made for any person of any size


Thickness: Approximate 1/8" Thick

Width: 1-1/4" to 1-1/2"

Length: Depends on size of belt ordered.


We're happy to offer help sizing the belt if you're having trouble doing so. If you're local we can measure you easily.

METHOD 1: Measure your existing belt

Measure your belt from the most used hole to the fold where the leather meets the buckle.

METHOD 2: Pants Size

Years ago belts were made to order by true waist size. Department stores have adopted a system where belts are commonly 2 sizes above your pants size. A 38" belt would fit 36 pants.

By using your pants size, add 2 to it. A 38 pants would order a 40 belt.

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Hassle Free Returns or Exchanges

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We're not using child labor, or nasty tactics to sell you our stuff. We make everything we sell in house. Our workshop is in Maple Shade, New Jersey. We're transparent about our practices.

Made in America, by Americans paid a living wage.