The Crossbody Leather Bag - Amopelle Co.
The Crossbody Leather Bag - Amopelle Co.
The Crossbody Leather Bag - Amopelle Co.
The Crossbody Leather Bag - Amopelle Co.
The Crossbody Leather Bag - Amopelle Co.
The Crossbody Leather Bag - Amopelle Co.

The Crossbody Leather Bag

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Keys? Check. Hand sanitizer? Check. Wallet and phone? Check. You got everything you need and you made the world your oyster. You're carrying a stylish and agile bag that gives you the edge. You're not carrying a brick that weighs you down. You're not carrying your baggage with you. Instead you're carrying only your life and essentials. You're carrying what you NEED, and that is why you're unstoppable. 

NOTE: All of our bags are handmade as orders arrive. There is an approximately 2 week lead time for all bags. 


  • A Unique single bag design that allows for maximum storage.
  • Minimal stitch design which reduces wear out or breakage. 
  • Full grain, Hermann Oak English Bridle, American Leather.
  • Durable, solid brass hardware.
  • A magnetic closing clasp that doesn't wear out over time.
  • The bag interior is 8 in by 8 in by 4 in.


 Product Story

This bag is personal favorite of both Claudia and Trevor (owners and makers of Amopelle Co. ) because this was the first large project that Trevor ever did. Trevor first got into leathercraft when Claudia joking made a comment about wanting a famous brand name bag for her birthday. Trevor jokingly told her that he would get her a 'guppy' bag instead. After that it took Trevor many months to perfect a bag that he was willing to give her for her birthday present. On Claudia's birthday, she received a bag that is still in commission now.

Years later, during a brainstorm to figure out what to do, Claudia suggested remaking her bag. Sure enough, the bag was remade and found out to be favorite.

Leather Information.

Leather belts are our bread and butter at Amopelle Co. We hands down sell more belts than anything else. With that being said, we buy our leather in what they call leather sides. A side of leather is essentially what it sounds like, running from the shoulder to the butt of the animal.

In order to get the best usage of the animal, we remove the shoulder leather and make our sides into what we call 'bends'. The bend is a fantastic leather for the belts that we make. This leaves us with shoulders.

These bags are made from the shoulders of the animal. Which means that they're extremely durable, and they're made to avoid any waste on these amazing beasts.

Because of this, we're proud to offer this bag in a luxurious english bridle leather. You really can't beat it when it comes to durability. English bridle leather is a true buy it for life product.

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Hassle Free Returns or Exchanges

Life happens and it would be unreasonable to think that every product is for every customer.

Don't like it? No problem. 

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No questions asked. No whining or complaining.

Made in America!!

We're not using child labor, or nasty tactics to sell you our stuff. We make everything we sell in house. Our workshop is in Maple Shade, New Jersey. We're transparent about our practices.

Made in America, by Americans paid a living wage.