The Craftsman's English Bridle Belt - Amopelle Co.
The Craftsman's English Bridle Belt - Amopelle Co.

The Craftsman's English Bridle Belt

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Whether it's a day in the shop, or an outing with someone special, this Craftsman's English Bridle Belt is guaranteed to take your look to the next level.

  • Choose your favorite color, size, and hardware for a truly unique look
  • Crafted from supple, durable leather, this stunning belt will last a lifetime
  • Handmade in USA, your purchase supports an artisan-owned small business

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About the Leather

This leather is Hermann Oak English Bridle. It is full grain and a single strap which means that there aren't failure points like the cheap department store belts of the past.

You won't be disappointed, because it is guaranteed for life.


We're happy to offer help sizing the belt if you're having trouble doing so. If you're local we can measure you easily.

METHOD 1: Measure your existing belt

Measure your belt from the most used hole to the fold where the leather meets the buckle.

METHOD 2: Pants Size

Years ago belts were made to order by true waist size. Department stores have adopted a system where belts are commonly 2 sizes above your pants size. A 38" belt would fit 36 pants.

By using your pants size, add 2 to it. A 38 pants would order a 40 belt.

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