Single Slotter - Black Luxe - Amopelle Co.
Single Slotter - Black Luxe - Amopelle Co.
Single Slotter - Black Luxe - Amopelle Co.

Single Slotter - Black Luxe

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Stop fumbling over that junky, genuine leather, plastic, garbage that you have been carrying around. Impress that client of yours when you pull out a sleek, and slim wallet and pay for dinner. Business cards? We got you covered too. You will not be embarrassed to pull this honker out and sleekly pull that business card to hand to them. Your client, they are going to be eyeing this wallet the entire time. They are even going to admire you for it. This is not like one of those old wallets you have been carry around you replace because of the ‘leather’ ripping. This thing, it does not rip. It gets better with age. It’s something bought for life. 

Made from a newer type of leather called luxe strap from the Chahlin tannery. This leather is pretty neat. It is finished with semi-glossy surface that is smooth, and buttery to the fingers. You’re actually going to be extremely impressed with the way it looks. It is full grain, so you see the real grain lines, but it gives it character.


  •  Made completely by a single craftsman in America that was paid a living wage.
  •  Made from 100% black vegetable tanned leather.
  •  Features a single slot which can hold 8-12 credit/debit cards or up to 25 business cards. You are able to mix and match and stuff this puppy up.
  •  Weather-resistant and gets better with time.
  •  Approximately 4” tall, and 2-3/4” wide.


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