The Everyday BiFold - Russet - Amopelle Co.
The Everyday BiFold - Russet - Amopelle Co.
The Everyday BiFold - Russet - Amopelle Co.
The Everyday BiFold - Russet - Amopelle Co.

The Everyday BiFold - Russet

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The Everyday Bifold is a unisex leather wallet for the person who carries cash and cards. Made from the finest vegetable tanned leathers and highest quality thread this wallet will last a lifetime or two.


- Made completely by a single craftsman in America that was paid a living wage.

- Made with Wickett & Craig's Veg-tanned Harness Leather

- 6 Standard Showing Pockets which hold 2-3 cards each.

- 2 Hidden Pockets underneath each bank of 3 pockets which can hold larger items.

- One large bill/receipt pocket.

- Machine stitched with bonded nylon thread, or hand stitched with Vinymo MBT thread.

Product Story

The Bifold wallet is the quintessential staple product for any leather business out there. Without making wallets, most of us wouldn't be around.

In order to create the perfect wallet we went through nearly 10 different leathers to find exactly what we were looking for. We landed on Wickett & Craig's Russet leather and this sparked conversation. In order to be able to make all the pockets we wanted, we decided that it was time to order a leather splitter.

Now we're able to split down the wallet panels so we can split the leather common used in belts, harnesses, straps and saddles to a wallet thickness.

This product is honestly for the person who wants something that is literally going to last forever. Its for a professional who is ready to take their wallet to the next level. It is going to age beautifully and in a few months have a beautiful darker look to it. You won't be disappointed at all.


Opened: 8.5" x 3.75"

Closed: 4.25" x 3.75" x (However many cards and cash you put in it).



Stitching Options

We're happy to offer most products in either a hand stitched or machine stitched version. The functionality of both products are top notch, and the type of stitching doesn't affect the usage of it. With that being said, there will be some instances where either one may or may not be offered.

The hand-stitching method is called the saddle stitch, and it is labor intensive process of individually creating holes in the leather and then stitching through the leather with two needles that weave back and forth. The advantage of this is that the stitching locks at every hole, and it looks nice on both sides.

The most common method of stitching is the machine stitch that has an industrial sewing machine run a lockstitch up and down the leather and it pulls a knot into each hole it creates with the needle. It is an extremely effective stitch, as most products today are made with only sewing machines. A good lock stitch will last more than a life time and is good for the duration that the thread is. The advantage is that this process is not labor intensive and the sitches look like we'd expect them to. The disadvantage is that the sitches are not as refined looking as the hand-stitching method.

If you're a first time purchaser, we recommend going with the machine stitched option. The machine stitched option will always be a lower cost to the customer as it doesn't take as much time to produce. If you're the type of person who just likes to change products every few months just because then it gets you in the game for a little bit cheaper. If you're a seasoned veteran with our products or you know leather well, then we recommend the hand-stitched version. Or if you're the type of person where you'll be keeping the wallet for the next few years (or life) then this is the option for you.

Either way you decide, you're covered by our Buy It for Life Guarantee.

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