Review of the Techsew 2750 Pro.

The Story Behind Our Need

      In august of 2019, both Claudia and I started our business in leathercraft. Initially we planned on hand sewing everything, and as time progressed, we ended up fulfilling orders that out paced our hand-sewing ability. This prompted us to investigate purchasing a sewing machine that will allow us to meet our needs.
      After watching many videos on the subject, I planned on purchasing the Techsew 5100 SE because I wanted a model that could handle bigger threads. After speaking to the people at Techsew, I was talked out of the 5100 SE, and into the 2750 pro. Thinking back, its likely that the 5100 SE would be overkill, as we're really using 92 wt thread and sewing from 4-12 ozs of leather. The 5100 SE's bottom end is rated for 6 oz's.

      It was right for techsew to recommend the 2750.
      The one thing I was told however, was that the speed reducer was not needed if you're an advanced sewer.  Knowing what I know now, I completely disagree with that recommendation ( If you decide to purchase this machine, get one… ).
      I was told it would be a few weeks lead time and would likely ship in a 4-6 weeks, it and ended up showing up about 2 weeks after we purchased it. Great timing.

Setup of the Techsew 2750 Pro.

      The setup instructions of the Techsew 2750 Pro are absolutely lacking. ( At the time, Techsew did not have video instructions at all. I was told at this time they have it now. )

      The instructions aren’t clear by any means and it didn’t clearly outline a step by step process in which to set it up. It is likely that the machine was made for experienced people, but we weren’t. Our only other machine was a dinky 1960s singer which we still use.
      I unknowingly set up the thread stand incorrectly. As when we purchased the machine there was no documentation on this at all.

      I had the thread going directly from the spool to the machine, rather than up through a set of holes in the bar above and then to the machine. I indirectly caused problems with the tension system, because with the way I had it set up, the actual spool had to turn to feed the machine instead of it being lifted from it.
      Since we were still fulfilling orders, it took me nearly 2 weeks to figure out the problem. I’d spend a 30-45 minutes a day trying to get tensions worked out right until I had a dream about it.
      What could have solved this problem? Just a general photo of how the machine was intended on being set up.
      Don’t get me wrong, the operation of threading the machine (the point where it goes into the tensions) is fine. 

Favorite Machine Options

      The main options for the pro model was the laser guide, the edge guide, a removable bed and the speed reducer. I was told on the phone that the speed reducer isn’t something I need. I had to add an aftermarket one to be able to use the machine and get a nice stitch. It just went too quick for precision sewing unless you wanted to tap the foot pedal and stitch one stitch at a time.
      The laser guide was something that I didn’t think I needed… but honestly. I love it. I can make lines in the leather, and just easily follow it. No complaint here.
      The edge guide works well. You’ll need to make sure you tighten the set screw though.
      The removable bed hasn’t been on in months. Its too cumbersome to take on and off and set the level constantly. I’m really not a fan of it at all. If you're buying this machine to have the bed as well as the cylinder arm. You really should skip the bed part. It isn't worth the added cost. The cylinder arm part is great for tight corners. 

Overall ease of use.

      The machines works well when set up correctly. Now techsew's documentation is much better than it use to be. Previously, it was frustrating. Now it isn't the worst. 

      The machine works well. Its easy to set up, and doesn't take much time to get sewing.

Major Complaints.

      Just recently I found out that we were using the wrong needles with the machine. 135x17 and 135x16 have the same profile. The difference is that the 135x17 needles are made for fabrics and 135x16 were made for leather. Great right? Well, being someone who was new to this type of machine we didn’t know that… and we were sent a “package to get us started” which included 135x17 needles. It didn’t really get us started considering they weren’t the correct needles for leather and it actually does impact what your stitch looks like.
      Documentations and tips are scarce. That being said, the Cobra Class 26 is the same exact machine as the Techsew 2750 (less the options, of the 2750 pro). If you know this you can find a ton of videos and documentation about that machine and apply it to this machine.


 Right now the Cobra Class 26 is a well more documented machine. Since the 2750 Pro and Cobra Class 26 are basically the same.. you should look up video from Al-Bane on youtube. You'll save a lot of headache.


  • Larry

    There is now a video on how to set up the techsew 2750 Pro on Youtube..

  • Trudy Hart

    I just bought a Tec Sew 2750 three weeks ago. I was sick so I couldn’t set it up until Thursday the twelfth. But as soon as I could use it, the machine jammed. Now I can’t get the case of the bobbin out because who ever put it together made the screws so tight, I now have to take it t a machine shop. I’m so disheartened, my husband said to be encouraged, GOD does not like ugly. They had the wrong feed dogs so it helped to jam machine. Call th company they treated me like dirt. Thanks for the info where to find instructions for the machine in the long run that should help for this is my first industrial machine also. However, I have been sewing sense I was twelve. I have two orther machines a brothers se400 and husqvarna 116. They came with instructions books to help with what you already knew. Forgive me for talking to much. Trudy 🖖🏻

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